1. Relanar Lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Walking to the sea,
The ancients they pulled me,
Defined by nothing more,
The fallen devil’s fear,

As the yellow sun goes down,
The cold begins to soar,
His evil wraps around my shattered core,

Fealty to his darkened sword,

The fires rage inside the ocean’s reflection,
Blackened figures will anoint his subjection,
As the saints inspire, for Relanar.

Temples built, his image carved in a steeple,
Shards of black descend to feed all his people,
As the faded cries, ignored by Relanar,

Praise to read, this ancient screed,
Words define, my hateful mind, clothed in time,



As the halls echo his sacred sound,
My truth is gaining ground,
The night the wise were crowned,
We’ll rip apart the pages that drowned our light,

The shadows that scared me start to fade away,
The monsters that hunted now become my prey,

Years of blind devotion falling down,
This beast of burden ordained in nameless gowns,
They tell you how to live your life, fanatic loyalty to their rites,
The founding fathers, decreed in the first world war,
These blackened mirrors are forged in fear, the threat of heaven or the devil’s spear,
A fiction flawed, as our souls are thawed by fire,

It’s our time.

2. Lethality lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Ripped into your own calling,
There’s no other place to be,
Deceptive danger in falling,
Through a hated life less free,

Flying to the unknown,
At pain of forced normality,
Push this envelope, blaze that trail,
Forge ahead, the explorer prevails,

Crowned inside of the throne,
A life defined by lethality,
Push that button, take this pain,
You take your god and my science will strain,

The sacrificial ones will come,

Tearing, ripping, painful strides,
Crushing failure, tarnished pride,
Tested, crested, vested spine,
Death, not a place where we can go fight, forge the fire,



The sun, the brightness devouring dark, this fire surrounding me,
My end of time, our lethality,

Flying to the unknown,
At pain of forced normality,
Push this envelope, blaze that trail,
Forge ahead, the explorer prevails,

Crowned inside of the throne,
A life defined by lethality,
Push that button, take this pain,
You take your god and my science will strain,

The sacrificial ones will come.

3. Athelstan’s Pharaoh lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

So they stepped, inside this crypt, to the home of Athelstan,
Elder sealed his fate, as he conquered through the age,
From town to town, a single crown, a charter to his spine,
As the vikings fought his reign, and the Scots they start to prey.

Dig in deeper, shovel, scrape, inspect the steeple,
Flecks of gold and vines, preserved for all time,
Vellum in sight, delinquent, under moonlight,
As we brush off the ashes in the middle of the night.

I never saw this.

Symbols of things, eyes, birds, and praying,
From a time and age, well before the sea king,

This will transform.

Here lies a queen, king, and prince of my ancestry,
Exalted, forlorn, visions of a ruler, his equerry…in reign.

Ammit bringer of slaughter,
Osiris, bringer of water,
Athelstan, my son of this sacred land,

For whom we stand.


The trail of tears into Scotland,
To Brunanburh we came,
Fueled from the eastern homeland,
A pharaoh’s pyre for, water, fire, darkness feeding light into the plight in which my might will never fail.

4. Ceasefire lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Hunkered down in this quarry,
My boys they lay on the ground,
They’re lining their sights, with the rest of the fight,
Their guns sound.

What is this war that we’re fighting?
My enemy’s just a man,
If just for one day, we delay, break bread, and shake hands,

Year after year,
Blood, sweat, and tears,
The rage, the hate, forevermore,
It stops right here.

Step up outside the wire,
An outstretched hand to the north,
Embracing the silence, the pause in the violence, for all.

Year after year,
Blood, sweat, and tears,
This rage, this hate, now nevermore,
It stopped right here.

Tear after tear,
Patriotic fear,
A deafened peace to one and all,
One day to cheer,



5. Act 3: Purged lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Walk outside the wall, inside the puppet master’s war,
Strings of fear, the loathings here, for us all.

You crave the power from our lives,
A game of chess, played with sharpened knives,
The fallen men, the women pen…your demise.

I take my rage, this blade is sharpened too,
From nothing, I create my hell for you,
Melt weapons, pack this court, my voice is for,
Your broken jaw.

Your broken jaw (scream)

I will, never, never let go,
Take my pen, to the men, and when they got away, my people prayed through the bombing raids.

Freedom, never, never dethroned,
From my home, laying prone, to the broken bones,
We play the game, and slay our shame,

Red rags raging to the bulls on the run,
Their gods of the hated, come together as one,
Derided pretty smiles to be wedded to czars,
Our brutal contempt drains their blood from our scars,
From our scars!

I take my rage, this blade is sharpened too,
From nothing, I create my hell for you,
Melt weapons, pack this court, my voice is for,
Your broken jaw.


Wounds can woven with fear,
And the floods of my memories steer,
Into fog lit disguise, as our loved ones were abscised,
Now they stepped to the gate of forevermore,
The fallen will be seen,
As their welcomed through the open door,
My revenge will fill my spleen,
Get ready!
Get ready for me!

My gavel hammer sets the score,
Handcuffed and slamming shut the door,
Their concrete room is filled with plague, and I say,
Burn in hell, your never gonna be purged, idolatry of a ridden scourge,

Their days, they’re numbered down to one,
Tie a noose, get ready for sun,
As I wink, my smile it fires the gun, and I pray,
Christ the spirit and the holy ghost, rid this evil from coast to coast,

We mourn.



1. Altrincham lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

As the Suez wailed, and Nassar’s men prevailed,

Great Britain pushed into the pocket as the politician’s monarchy failed,

My pen means war, like never before,

These goddamn classless bastards whose reign we never support,

Some things have gotta change, a new era of a modern world prevails,

Aristocracy defined, dictators serve mankind, now it’s time to pave a brand new way,

Let’s go!

In the shadows I watch you, silent and unknown,

No trinkets, no calling card, no ascentation to the throne,

In a world of convention, a parahia in their way,

I’m not your enemy but the path to the peoples way,

I promise I see you,

And I feel the cage in your mind,

I never deceived you,

I just want to watch you thrive,

You’re always my queen, in service to me, and I’ll never walk away,

From shadows come light, my honesty fights, and the truth will see this day.

2. Ratlines lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

At the break of dawn, they make the call,

One bullet to the head, he’s dead, there ain’t no time to stonewall,

His genocide, we justified,

Shred the papers, save the haters, train the traitors, denied,

Our uniforms, became deformed,

We fight preemptive rights, our line of sight into the night,

We’ll go away, and seal this day,

Confessors and oppressors under pressure, we will never!

An exodus to lands of far, my church enabled me,

Bedfellows of moral might, as we venture to the sea,

As we hit landfall, they make the call,

In transit via bandits, to an old abandoned music hall,

The lights are low, our new skid row,

I will take my hatred to the grave,

I feel it

I see it

We step into the ratlines

Step into the sea

The ratlines

Hostile absentee

The ratlines

Feed them to the crows

The ratlines

Never will they know, where I go,

I am hidden inside of this dream,

All my nightmares, they aren’t what they seem

From here.

As I lay in my bed all alone,

All my handlers are are gone from my throne,

All that’s left is the ash of my fate,

All their faces, all their smiles, all their futures are nevermore,

For my pride, I have no-one to blame,

Close my eyes, look up high,

My redemption is suicide,

But this mission will not benefit from the weak,

Get out of here,

You must rid all this fear,

Repent to the wall,

They offer no life, no value, your hate will conquer this war.

The ratlines

The ratlines

The ratlines

3. Living on Running Low lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Six forty five, punch the track and get my ass outta here,
Hit that door, grab a seat and tell me the things I fear,

Inside me, I always want to feel you’re are close,
Inside me, I never thought I’d live a life so morose,
I can feel you, I can smell your skin,
Turn off the lights, let the games begin,
Feed my vice, patch the night with snow,
I’m livin’ on running low,

Inside my melted mind, I see the devil that counts the time,
A mane of fire and a stare of steel and the pain of five who had the right to feel,
Then he steps into the blackened sea and breaks the tides of mirrors reflecting me,
Six forty six has passed and the needle screamed as my life is blessed,

I’m never gonna stop the bleeding in me,
Gotta say my piece, rip apart the shackles be free,

I’m so damn tired, just want to find the light to guide my way out of here,
I’m livin’ on running low.

4. Light Bearer lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

As the devil assailed his dreams, his visions snapped apart,
Staring into the future seen, the seventh angel’s heart.

We will never besiege their god on high,
With their prayers and rituals decried,
We will never accept them here down low,
We will see how far their reverence goes,

As their ardor and glory fails,
And the weak will fall down at their grail,
I’m watching, I’m seeing, I’m walking with you,
And the wolf he slowly sees…

I wake up on the floor,
My head and body’s sore,
I never fall, and I’m not so small, what the hell is going on?

I see these horns and visions and monsters walk away,
Hard shadows that presuppose that the horror’s on it’s way,

Noone will see me creep, and hide inside the snakepit,
Red fruit in the eyes of youth, the failed decree to feed,
Getting closer I smell your hair, this innocence defies me,
All your angels and all your prayers, I’ll never take the knee,

As I slither, skin it sheds, this evil’s beastly,
I slide into the cracks inside your soul, it frees me from my fate,

5.Act 2: Resilience lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Awoken by the sound, the birds, the trees, machines of war wind down,
I try to raise my head, my ears they ring, I can’t escape the dead,
I just want to go right home now, make it go away,

I struggle to my knees, the field is scattered, all my friends lay by my feet,
The pain etched in their gaze, a thousand memories of innocence and fate,
It’s all slipped away now, as our sandman prays, he prays, cause we’re here at the end of our days,

And I…I felt them all die,
Ten thousand men, the neverending battle, fighting our rights,
And I….I can’t cry.

Sitting in the warm sunlight, effortlessly cold,
I can’t feel emotion in my soul,

Sitting in a bunker in a concrete room, the commander he moves his pawns,
He pushes pieces to the other side and he signals we move at dawn,
As the heavy machinery moves through the night, filled with bullets and graves, and the pride of the fight,
The human cost is nothing as the politics fly, with the plea of injustice, as we all go to die,

Hooking us on glory with their ads on TV,
Now I see it all as clear as day,
It doesn’t matter what anyone does,
The war machine prevails,

Stare at the blood red skies,
I’m never gonna look away,
Their fear is our guiding light,
As the corporation pays,

Pride, honor, and victory,
A patriotic right to our names,
Endless stories through history,
The power, flag, and honor will fade,
We failed…
…their names

Step Into The Plague (2021)


1. Out of Time Lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Laid to ashes, a freedom up for sale,

Design your lifestyle, the ancients will prevail

Rip apart the flesh that’s raw,

I’ll have you kneel your satan, stand your angel, fall down to the floor.

And I’ve never felt the same,

They detained my will, and chained my right to say,

Take my words from me, twist them on the ground,

Out of sight and out of mind,

My psychology, a jail you can’t unwind,

I’m out of fight, not out of time, out of time.

Brick by brick,

Disintegrate the power, take it.

Fix by fix,

Repair a nation that decides by.

Stamp and stick,

The future is a place where honour will prevail.

Take my words from me, and twist them on the ground,

It’s Out of sight and out of mind,

My psychology, a jail you can’t unwind,

I’m out of fight, not out of time, out of time.

2. Devil to Send lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Gasp to breathe, revealed by fear, death infection heals a nation,

Quarantine the weak to see, the demon teeth enslaves creation,

Smash the door, get the needle out back, I got my guns, got my ammunition,

Society, belief in me, the price of free, philosophy, ethical attrition,

I step into the plague, the dogs are at war,

Humanity is freed like never before,

My visions fade into pain,

As my body takes the fight to the end,

Unshackled armies will maim,

I will never take this devil to send,

Don’t mistake my weakness for white flags in the air,

I’ve stared down evil let the devil beware

You don’t scare me,

I’ve found my way,

Unbridled power,

Is in my veins,

Don’t mistake my strength as a defender who cares

My visions fade into pain,

As my body takes the fight to the end,

Unshackled armies will maim,

I will never take this devil to send,

My visions fade into pain,

As my body takes the fight to the end,

Unshackled armies will maim,

I will never take this devil to send.

3. Truth to Power lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Take this one down, it’s all the same to me,

My battleground, lay claim to victory,

And the fallen hit the ground, and I savour that sweet sound, my power roars

They screamed, they dared to question me,

They pressed my fate, fueled my hate, never saw the deed, 

From the ashes rise, my power thrives, cower in my shadow there tonight,

Truth to power, enemies

He stands atop that mountain staring down

Defying law, the nation primes his crown,

He’s feeding fear to breath, division needs its seed to fill the land

They screamed, they dared to question him,

They pressed his fate, fueled his hate, never saw him win, 

From the ashes rise, his power thrives, cower in his shadow there tonight,

Truth to power, democracy

4. Act 1: Duty lyrics (written by Jono Bacon)

Step into the fields to see, my people chained in misery,

The ancients saw this war,

Devastate humility, a plague that lasts forevermore,

Fuelling sympathy,

And I never stepped aside,

Family drives this pride inside of me

I step inside the fire,

Onward I will go avenge the free,

Step aside, light this fire, get out on the road,

It’s time to move to a future state,

16 hours to devour everything they show,

One by one, we dismantle hate,

Every day, defeat my limitations, getting stronger, building power every way,

Far out of sight my mind defends our honor, save the fallen, always gonna keep them at bay,

The darkness breeds a throne of one, never stare into the sun,

For this war has now begun, 

Look around of me, see my people flee, fate has nailed its cross into my feet, 

A million miles away, my family celebrate crusades, the fear of losing everything they made in me,

Mortar, shells, and handmade hand grenades,

Mud and grit and blood right on my face,

Fear is the fuel that powers them to their core, 

Defenders of the grave,  

Get out,

Never to defeat you,

Right now,

Don’t let them besiege you

A sickness feeds my hatred every day

My honor fades

My honor fades, it fades away,

My honor fades, it fades away.